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Personalized Medicine in Canada: A Visual Summary

2011 December 22
by Allie Janson Hazell

What happens when you get a group of bright and accomplished people in a [virtual] room and ask them to tell you the biggest challenge facing personalized medicine in Canada? They answer your question, and give you more: potential solutions. If you didn’t get a chance to read through the series last week, you can find the links to all of the published commentaries here.

The diversity of backgrounds and opinions represented from the guest contributors provides an insightful look at this very complex issue. In an attempt to summarize the outcomes of the series, we’ve put together a visual representation of the topics covered, and more importantly the solutions presented. Trends we see:

  • Strong leaning toward putting the onus on medical professionals, whether it be engaging the general public, industry or each other.
  • Collaborative models, including health and non-health professionals.
  • Focus on industry: creative, market-driven approaches to healthcare issues (privacy, data collection & storage, development of new technologies) with a requirement for proper and timely reimbursement.

While it is easy to focus on the areas where the contributors overlap significantly, it is equally interesting to pay attention to the negative spaces. Is there anything you’d add to this graph/discussion? Things that you’d change? Share your thoughts here, and we’ll can update as we go.

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