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Guest Commentary Series: Personalized Medicine in Canada

2011 December 9
by Allie Janson Hazell

As part of the launch of our new initiative, The GenoScape is running a guest commentary series throughout the week of December 12-16. We’ve asked Canadian thought leaders in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine to answer the following question:

What is the biggest challenge facing personalized medicine in Canada?


The goal of this series is to identify the wide array of unique challenges, and we are thrilled with the collection of submissions that we’ve received from representatives in clinical, research, law & ethics and policy. The series features commentaries from industry leaders such as Stephen Scherer, Clarissa Desjardins and Kathy Siminovitch, to name a few. While each of the submissions is interesting and informative individually, we think you’ll agree that collectively the submissions provide a refreshingly well-rounded and insightful look at a multifaceted issue. 

Published series submissions:

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